How can one surrender to Krishna?

Question: How can one surrender to Krishna?

Date: 18-Feb-2017

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

We can surrender to Krsna by:
  • Hearing about Him
  • Chanting His names
  • Remembering Him
  • Worshiping His deity form
  • Following the instructions of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga
  • Offering prayers to Him from the Srimad Bhagavatam
  • Bowing down to Him
  • Offering our cooked foodstuffs to Him
  • And finally aligning our life according to scriptural rules so that we reach our target of the lotus feet of Lord Krsna

As there are innumerable universes, is it possible that we may get our next birth in a different universe? Or will we get our next birth in this same universe only?

Question: As there are innumerable universes, is it possible that we may get our next birth in a different universe? Or will we get our next birth in this same universe only?

Date: 23-Mar-2017

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

Yes we may get our future birth anywhere in any body in any planet of any universe. Hence we can maximize our chances of being Krsna Conscious by chanting more and more and more and more!

Why is the lifespan of Brahma also considered insignificant although he lives for a longer span?

Question: Why is the lifespan of Brahma also considered insignificant although he lives for a longer span?

Date: 22-Mar-2017

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

In comparison to 100 rupees, 1 paisa is nothing.
In comparison to 10000000 rupees, 100 paisa is nothing.
Similarly in comparison to our life of 60 years, Brahma’s 311 Trillion 40 Billion years is immortality but in comparison to Eternity of time with no end, even Brahma’s life is nothing!
Einstein’s relativity with respect to time.

Why doesn’t Krishna give moksha to everyone?

Question: Why doesn’t Krishna give moksha to everyone?

Date: 17-Feb-2017

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:
Why doesn’t IIT give PHD to everyone? Although IIT is ready to give, one must also qualify. IIT books are available to everyone. Teaching, classes, online tests, everything is there and available but we need to study. Similarly Guru is there, shastras are there, temples are there for everyone. Most importantly Krsna is personally guiding as paramatma and the Holy Name. Just like we have regular tests conducted before IIT main exams, we face regular tests in life too in the form of circumstances. But we need to study and practice and qualify. Then IIT mains is analogous to death. Just like if we perform well we get qualified for IIT, if we remember the Lord at the time of death we get liberated.

Guru Tattwa

Guru Tattwa

We ideally should call Gurudev as Srila Gurudev or Srila Guru Maharaj or while mentioning name also one shud start with Param Pujyapāda. Disciple should always think of the spiritual master as Krsna himself. One must remember that, like Krsna even Sri Guru sits as paramatma in the heart. All good thoughts, Krsna Conscious thoughts, plans, words and actions come from him from inside and all the anger, lust, greed is our mind. So if we listen to our mind we slip and if we listen to Sri Guru we advance. Guru watches everything from inside. Without Guru we cannot advance.
Amarendra Dasa

The 8 jewels that Sri Guru showers upon his disciples

The 8 jewels that Sri Guru showers upon his sincere disciples

(8 verses of Sri Gurvastakam)


Verse 1- Jiva Tattwa(SELF)

Our precarious position in this material world

Verse 2- Gaura Tattwa(GOD)

The solution to all of problems are the Names forms qualities and pastimes of Lord Gaura.Whom to please? Gaura. How to please? Kirtan, singing, dancing with instruments.What mood? Total humility leading to Total ecstasy.

Verse 3- Archa Vigraha Tatwa(Deity Worship)

Seeing Sri Gaura in the deity and offering ourself by Shrngār and Mārjan

Verse 4- Mahaprasad Tattwa (Eating and drinking regulation)

The whole concept of reciprocation with the deity and dovetailing our eating propensity. We offer service and the lord responds with Sanctified Food

Verse 5- Prem Tatwa(Goal)

Total absorption every moment in the Naam Rupa Guna Lila of Sri Sri Radha Krsna in Vraja

Verse 6- Sri Guru Tatwa(Unmanifested Form)

How Sri Guru eternally is the maidservant of Sri Radha and brings in that love of the Vraja Gopis in the exalted Rupanuga Gaudiya Guru Parampara

Verse 7- Sri Guru Tattwa(Manifested Form)

Although in his original swarup he is dear to Sri Radha, for the disciple in this world he is sakshat Hari, for due to his compassionate preaching endeavours he is very dear to Sri Hari

Verse 8- Bhakti Tattwa(Secret for success)

Sri Guru Nishta is the backbone for all success without which we will be nowhere.

Hence we remember and bow down to Sri Guru who has, is and continues to shower these 8 jewels in our life by his lectures and personal example.

Amarendra Dasa

Heart of a pure Vaishnava

Heart of a pure Vaishnava


Pure Vaishnava is an ocean. Even when excessive rivers flows into the ocean it remains the same and even when water gets evaporated in summer it still remains the same. It means that in happiness or distress one has to be equipoised. Pond over floods and goes dry. That’s because they are shallow. Ocean is deep. So those who are shallow in bhakti go dry and over flood. But those who are deep are equipoised.


Amarendra Dasa

Devotee punishing the Lord

Devotee punishing the Lord


Krsna is a thief because he steals away everything – butter, clothes, sins, clouds complexion, Radha’s heart, etc. So therefore the pure devotee punishes this thief. He punishes the thief by locking him up in the prison house of his heart. He tells Krsna that because you stole, I will punish you. You can’t leave even if you want. I will lock you in my heart.
Amarendra Dasa

Sripad Aindra Prabhu Appearance Day

Sripad Aindra Prabhu Appearance Day


Today marks the holy appearance day of Sripad Aindra Prabhu, one of Srila Prabhupada’s forefront soldiers. He has been very instrumental in my life in shaping my kirtans and most importantly a great inspiration for devotees worldover. His actions, His example, His mood, His intensity, His Kirtans, His purity, His ‘speaking the truth against all odds’ and His unalloyed love for the Sri Harinam, Sri Sri RadheShyam and Sri Vrajadham did the preaching for all of us round the world.
To give up everything and settle down in 1 square tile on the floors of Krsna Balaram Mandir in Vrndavan is not at all easy. What to speak of chanting the same maha mantra in the same mood at the same place with the same feeling and love for over 20years! Remaining celibate for over 35years and worshipping over 2000+ Shaligram shilas! Reading and speaking for hours on Krsna’s inner most esoteric intimate pastimes with the spirit of compassion and mercy! To always have one’s fingers serving the lord, either on the harmonium or inside the japa bag or decorating his Nitai Sacisuta! Oh prabhu, How much we miss you and your presence….Those bright penetrating  eyes filled with concern and love yet sharp as Indra’s thunderbolt! He lived his life and did the right thing and most importantly inspired a million people to follow his example. A saint who not just spoke about the Yuga Dharma but actually walked the path himself!
All the 24hour kirtans, the world over kirtan melas and all the street and temple kirtans remind us of his words of laser beam focus.

On this most auspicious day I pray to Bhajananandi Kirtanacharya Sripad Aindra Prabhu for his blessings so that we all may use our human form very carefully to finally awaken our dormant love for Sri Sri Radha Shyamasunder in the pleasure groves of Vraja!

Aspiring to serve you some day, somewhere, some life.


Amarendra Dasa

Be hungry for Krishna

Be hungry for Krishna


We are seen. Krsna is the seer. So let him search. Please I don’t know how to go, where to go, so bless me a bonafide Sad-Guru whom I can surrender to, learn from and hear Hari katha. I am not qualified to know who is at what level. But oh Gaurahari, I want your dear associate to be my master. I want to get to you by your dear associate. Someone who will give me taste for Naam, Srimad Bhagavatam, Dhaam and seva. Gaurahari save me! All shelters are leaving the planet. Save me before they leave. This is how I begged. I have shed tears before my altar day after day. I used to say, my Lord, pet dogs are given food, nice house and bed, proper temperature, their stool is picked and they are even given attention of a doctor when sick. But a street dog shivers, gets drenched in rain, eats from trash bins, is pelted stone at, has open wounds and no place to sleep. Only reason? One has a master while the other doesn’t. My lord this street dog of kali yuga is at your door. Begging you to open the door for me. I am tired taking so many bodies and attempting to enjoy this world. Being exhausted, I have come at your shelter. Please accept me. Please give me your true servant as my shelter.

In 3months I got initiated in Vraja in kartik month. Don’t get distracted and ask for anything else. Krsna, I want your shelter through your loving dear associate. One gets Krsna only when one takes shelter of a great personality and offers oneself completely at their mahabhagavat vaishnavas lotus feet.
SB 11.2.37 describes a verse where Guru Devatātmā is the phrase used. We just need a pure soul. And surrender totally, serve him, so he blesses, then Krsna blesses. When Krsna blesses taste in bhajan appears. When taste comes even tapasya is tasty and worldly taste becomes distasteful. We are stuck at step one. Please bless me with a Gaura Priya Jan, Sad-Guru. That diksha is fruitful, the food after intense hunger. If hunger is not there then there is no digestion at all.
Amarendra Dasa