Why did Radha and Krishna not marry?

Question: Why did Radha and Krishna not marry?

Date: 07-Aug-2015

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

Radharani is God in a feminine form and Krsna is God in a male form.
Same person with two different looks. Marriage is a worldly thing between 2 souls.
Radha Krsna are one and so there is no concept of marriage with the same person.
Still to keep worldly standards they married and Brahma was the priest.
Radha and Krsna are like mirror reflections of each other. Abhimanyu is Krsna’s shadow.
Radharani being hladini shakti of Krsna can’t be touched by anyone except Him.
Like Sita can’t be touched by anyone except Rama. Ravana touched maya Sita. Similarly even when Radharani married, it was Krsna’s shadow. No one else. That marriage will increase her love for Krsna more. Parakiya rasa or relationship of lovers is higher than svakiya rasa, which is married love. Rukmini also is a very advanced lover. But since the relationship as lovers is more natural and smooth and heart moving than the formal bonds of married life, Radharani comes way higher. That pure love gets perverted and reflected in this world as lust or material passion.
But in the spiritual world this purest love in a unmarried conjugal mood is called Adi rasa – the original love.  Nothing is higher.
Demigods love is lower….higher is Love in brahma loka….still higher is found in kailasa…still higher in Vaikuntha….still higher in Ayodhya…still higher in Dwaraka….stilll higher in Mathura….still higher in Vraja as shanta rasa….still higher in dasya……then sakhya….unmatched in vatsalya…..greater is madhurya…gopiprema…..
But highest is Radha’s Parakiya Prema! This is adi rasa. Origin of all love in all forms in all planets between all people starts from Sri Radha for Sri Krsna.
Imagine all the love in this world… All moms for all kids, all animals for all babies, all planets in the material world. And all this are a perverted reflection.
So imagine Radharani’s love. How we can imagine.  Even Krsna can’t imagine. God can’t imagine!
See the paradox. He can inhale and exhale and create and annihilate but He can’t do this. So much love!
Therefore HH Radhanath Swami once in one class said:
We are part and parcel of Krsna, but our bhakti is a part and parcel of Sri Radha because we come from Krsna  but our bhakti comes from Sri Radha.
Radharani ki Jay!


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