Which avatar of the Lord is more merciful?

Question: Which avatar of the Lord is more merciful?

Date: 27-12-2016

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

Sri Gauranga is the most merciful.

Because Gaura is Radha-Govinda, so everything is there in Gaura Dhama. Barsana is also there and Nandagram also and Govardhan also. Yes, Vraja has Mayapur also.

Both are nondifferent in Tattwa and lila.

Krishna sometimes in separation from Radhika chants Radha Radha Radha Radha Radha Radha… and turns golden. This is Gaura rupa.

Shyamsunder with Radha Naam is Gaurasunder. Radharani on the contrary crying in separation from Krishna is basically Gauranga.

However, Vraja is Madhurya dhama and Navadwip is Audarya dhama. Audarya means Madhurya and Karuna Shakti.

In tattwa and potency and lila both are nondifferent but in Mercy factor, Navadwip is more merciful. Just like Gaura is more merciful than Krsna, Gaura Naam, Gaura Dhaam and Gaura Murti are more merciful than Krishna Naam, Krishna Dhaam and Krishna Murti.

Krishna is merciful but Radharani is more merciful and Sri Gauranga being Krishna plus Radhika is most merciful.

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