What can I pray to Lord Shiva?

Question: What can I pray to Lord Shiva?

Date: 15-Jan-2017

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

Vrndāvanāvani pate Jay Soma Soma
Maule sanandana sanātana nāradeđya
Preetim prayaccha nirupādi namo namaste
Gopishvara Vraja Vilāsa Yugānghri padme

This is a Brahma samhita melody composed by Vishwanath Chakravarthi Thakur in a book called Sankalpa Kalpadruma.

“O Gatekeeper of Vrndavana! O Soma, all glories to you! O you whose forehead is decorated with the moon, and who is worshipable by the sages headed by Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Narada! O Gopisvara! Desiring that you bestow upon me prema for the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava, who perform joyous pastimes in Vrajadhama, I offer obeisances unto you time and again.”

You can chant this in all Shiva temples.

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