The 8 jewels that Sri Guru showers upon his disciples

The 8 jewels that Sri Guru showers upon his sincere disciples

(8 verses of Sri Gurvastakam)


Verse 1- Jiva Tattwa(SELF)

Our precarious position in this material world

Verse 2- Gaura Tattwa(GOD)

The solution to all of problems are the Names forms qualities and pastimes of Lord Gaura.Whom to please? Gaura. How to please? Kirtan, singing, dancing with instruments.What mood? Total humility leading to Total ecstasy.

Verse 3- Archa Vigraha Tatwa(Deity Worship)

Seeing Sri Gaura in the deity and offering ourself by Shrngār and Mārjan

Verse 4- Mahaprasad Tattwa (Eating and drinking regulation)

The whole concept of reciprocation with the deity and dovetailing our eating propensity. We offer service and the lord responds with Sanctified Food

Verse 5- Prem Tatwa(Goal)

Total absorption every moment in the Naam Rupa Guna Lila of Sri Sri Radha Krsna in Vraja

Verse 6- Sri Guru Tatwa(Unmanifested Form)

How Sri Guru eternally is the maidservant of Sri Radha and brings in that love of the Vraja Gopis in the exalted Rupanuga Gaudiya Guru Parampara

Verse 7- Sri Guru Tattwa(Manifested Form)

Although in his original swarup he is dear to Sri Radha, for the disciple in this world he is sakshat Hari, for due to his compassionate preaching endeavours he is very dear to Sri Hari

Verse 8- Bhakti Tattwa(Secret for success)

Sri Guru Nishta is the backbone for all success without which we will be nowhere.

Hence we remember and bow down to Sri Guru who has, is and continues to shower these 8 jewels in our life by his lectures and personal example.

Amarendra Dasa

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