Is second initiation more important than first initiation?

Question: Is second initiation more important than first initiation?

Date: 28-Dec-2016

Answer by Amarendra Dasa:

It is other way round. With 1st initiation one gets Maha mantra. With 2nd initiation one gets mantra.

With 1st initiation one becomes Vaishnava. With 2nd initiation one becomes Brahmin (Vaishnava higher than Brahmin).

In the ultimate sense Kaam gayatri is needed. But for now a newly first initiated disciple should focus on Japa. When you chant 64 rounds for years, some sambandha with Krsna is established. Then kaam gayatri takes us ahead. Also 2nd initiation bija mantras act only when one is brahminical in nature (one has become free from ego, anger, lust and greed). Otherwise the bija mantras don’t act. It acts only when one is established in Sattva guna. With Japa, kirtana, seva and hearing hari katha, one elevates to sattva guna and then gayatri mantras transform.

Maha mantra is highest! We have to chant Mahamantra all the time till death and beyond. Harinam mahamantra is highest.

Enechi aushadhi maya Nashibaro lagi

Harinama mahamantra Lao tumi maagi

Bhakti Vinoda Thakur says, “Sri Gaura got this aushadhi medicine to destroy maya and gave us the gift of Harinama mahamantra”.

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