Importance of Harinaam

Importance of Harinaam


Kaliyuga is an age where only Harinam works. With passing time, the demons will break all the temples and all the deity worship will be destroyed and lost. No yajnas and sacrifices will be performed. All the books will be burnt and destroyed. All the things which can be touched and seen will be rampantly and wantonly destroyed. However, the sound of Krsna cannot be seen or touched or perceived by the senses. Hence that can’t be stolen or destroyed. This is Mahaprabhu’s genius in making Harinam Sankirtan the only yuga dharma for 4,32,000 years of Kali!

We have 4,27,000 years left and the yuga dharma doesn’t change. Srila Prabhupada said that his books will help for 10,000 years more but what after that? What will remain to help and deliver the suffering souls? Only Harinam! Nothing else!

Kali kale Naam rupe
Krsna avatar!

Krsna appears in the form of his name in Kaliyuga as it cannot be stolen, cannot be destroyed, cannot be harmed! Therefore, it is PARAM VIJAYATE SRI KRSNA SANKIRTANAM! Ever victorious!

In kaliyuga, true intelligence is understanding this point & true misfortune is missing this point. The big big billionaires have the money but are not performing the only method of deliverance in Kali and hence are missing the point! The MIT graduates have all the knowledge but without harinam, totally missing the point! The Aristocratic high Brahmanas, are busy doing their own thing and missing the point without harinam! Same holds true for all the Mr & Ms universes who are flaunting their fleeting bodily beauty but are totally missing the point without harinam!

Please wake up and understand that all of us have a responsibility in this age! We have to, have to, have to perform Harinam sankirtan! Not to feed our musical pride, not to gain some popularity, but only to cry to Krsna for deliverance! Inside Iskcon too, Srila Prabhupada said many times that the temple activities can be stopped and locked but Sankirtan must continue. Our temples deities, books and devotees exist only to do this Harinam! It was Srila Aindra Prabhu who helped in refocusing this point and now we find world over Kirtan melas, street kirtans and travelling sankirtan groups! This is what we need…all our prasadam distribution and book distribution and preaching activity and deity worship and association is only and only to nourish us, encourage us and inspire us to take complete shelter of Sri Krsna’s powerful holy names! TOTAL ONE POINTED SURRENDER! This is not part of life, this is life!

Amarendra Dasa

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