Basic rules to be observed during Kartik month

Basic rules to be observed during Kartik month


  1. Offer ghee lamps in the morning and evening every day with Damodarastaka.
  2. Water, offer lamps, prayers, touch the leafs, do parikrama, namaskar to Tulasi devi.
  3. Daily read and hear atleast one verse from BG and SB.
  4. Eating and sleeping should be kept simple. Many eat once a day or some eat only khichdi or some give up one favorite item. Can sleep on the floor mat(optional).
  5. Going to Vraja even for a single day is very very very powerful as lamps and kartik in Vraja is topmost.
  6. Hearing, reading, speaking, chanting japa and singing, dancing in kirtans are the 5 limbs in this month. So we have to maximize them.
  7. Taking darshan of Krsna/Vishnu during Brahma muhurta will yield benefit of donating 1000 cows.
  8. Visit temples as much as possible in this month. By even doing one step of parikrama, Lord gives the result of ashwamedha yajna. Remember 100 ashwamedha yajnas give one the post of indra. Devotees won’t take this post but this is just to quantify the benefit that one may earn.
  9. Offering daily bhoga to deity can give on eternal residence in dhaam.
  10. Purity in thought, word and deed should be maintained and services should be rendered as much as possible. Worship the Damodara form of Lord, listen to Damodara lila, avoid aparadh and most importantly realize that every moment is precious. This is the month of austere bhakti with 30 days of full focus and fired up vrata.
  11. Many festivals come in this month so it’s a beautiful month. Both ekadashis are very powerful and last 5 days are called bhishma panchak which are even more potent!

Amarendra Dasa

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